The Proving Groundz 

  The Proving Groundz (PGZ esports) is a progressive esports company focused  on player development through the use of data analytics, coaching and training combined with media and career growth.

"We Provide Players  with a Path to the Pros" 


  The Proving Groundz (PGZ) offers a comprehensive program that develops a player’s physical, mental and media capabilities. Utilizing advance data analytics, proven physical and mental regiments combined with the very experience of competition will enhance anyone's skills. Emerging pro's will also benefit from media and talent development programs.         

PGZ Big Data and AI

  The future of esports is very much dependent on detailed game or "event" data and the presentation of this data. PGZ uses proprietary big data analytics and AI to measure  performance at a digital level never  before utilized  in player development and fan experence.  These analytic and user interface offer fans, coaches, scouts, and advertisers a granular look at data to fit their specific desires. This data can be used in a way that enhances all aspects of esport interactions.     

PGZ Talent 

  Physical talent is a key trait to a sucessful competitor but talent alone is not enough. In todays esports industry the best players also needs to be an estiblished brand with fan and media skills equal to their gaming skills. PGZ Talent address' the changing needs placed upon the gaming professional while also helping fulfilling the industry's needs for skilled human capital.